“They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more.” Revelation 7:16

The Food Security Prophetic Witness Team willlike_facebook-logo-150x150

  • Support communities of faith with resources, expertise and other means of assistance to be agents for Changing Lives through community empowerment on the issue of food security.
  • Create a sustainable food to market program.
  • Develop experiential and educational programs to bridge socioeconomic differences in our community.
  • Share food with people who are hungry.
  • Share meals, food and resources as a way to build community.
  • Empower people to be good stewards of the foods they produce.
  • Mobilize people to advocate for public policy around food and water justice issues.

Background Information

“Food security exists when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food and clean water to maintain a healthy and active life. Food security is built on three pillars:

  1. Food availability: sufficient quantities of food available on a consistent basis,
  2. Food access: having sufficient resources to obtain appropriate foods for a nutritious diet,
  3. Food use: appropriate use based on knowledge of basic nutrition and care, as well as adequate water and sanitation.

Food security is a complex sustainable development issue, linked to health through malnutrition, but also to sustainable economic development, environment, and trade.”
World Health Organization, World Food Summit of 1996

“Water is key to food security.”
United Nations, International Decade for Action: Water for Life, 2005-2015

Purpose Statement

The Food Security Prophetic Witness Team will support communities of faith with resources, expertise and other means of assistance to be agents for CHANGING LIVES through community empowerment on the issue of food security.

Believing that access to healthy food and clean water are matters of justice, community health and stability we seek to help the faith communities of the Eastern Ohio Association/Western Reserve Association through education, advocacy and direct service.

EOA/WRA communities of faith can unite in a partnership of Christian service to benefit those in need in our neighborhoods and cities.


food-pantryJust Eating? Practicing Our Faith at the Table is a seven-session curriculum for congregations that call us to integrate the commitments and practices of our faith into the way we eat.

The study uses scripture, prayer and stories from the local and global community to explore five key aspects of our relationship with food.

This brochure presents the broad themes from the Bible that guide the mission of Bread for the World in working to end hunger. Consider the actions you might take in advocating for an end to hunger. Find inspiration or motivation in a favorite Bible story or verse or to explore the Bible on your own.

The Hunger Network in Ohio is a faith-based, not-for-profit, advocacy organization dedicated to ending hunger in Ohio through changing conditions that cause poverty.

Write to Congress to advocate for legislation to end hunger. Download instructions and facts from Bread for the World.

Easy, online access to government information on food and human nutrition for consumers. A service of the National Agricultural Library, USDA.

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