The Northeast Ohio School of Ministry (NEOSOM) is offering two classes for Winter 2019:

  • Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Part 1 Genesis through 2 Kings)
  • Hosea (A Biblical Elective)

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Part 1 Genesis through 2 Kings)

Class Fee: $100

Audit Fee: $65

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Steven D. Johnson

Description: Students will begin the study of the Hebrew Bible with selected readings from Genesis through 2 Kings, the Torah and “histories” of Israel from the first settlements until the Babylonian exile. The class will emphasize methods of reading and interpretation usually called “exegesis”. There will be numerous short lectures and discussion of issues identified by the instructor and by students.

Meetings: Tuesdays, January 22-March 12 from 7-9PM

Location: Online via the free Zoom video platform (available at If this will be the first time you use Zoom, please email Dean Gene McAfee for details.

Required Texts:
A study bible of any modern translation, such as the New Revised Standard Version, the New International Version, The New Jerusalem Bible, the New English Bible, the Good News Bible, or any other legitimate translation. The study bible should have scholarly introductions and good notes. The College Edition of The New Oxford Annotated Bible, New Revised Standard Verison, is recommended, but not required. Students may not use The Living Bible or The Message as their primary resource. Students wishing to use translations not named above should email with Rev. Johnson prior to the start of the course.

Hosea (A Biblical Elective)

Class Fee: $100

Rev. Dan Doty

An overview and analysis of the writings of the prophet Hosea. This course will seek to work through the sexual/relationship rhetoric in order to understand the prophet’s message. Attention will be given to understanding the prophet’s place in the history of “the prophets” as well as extrapolating meaning for the Church today.

Wednesdays, January 9-30 from 7-9PM and February 6-20 from 6:30-9:30PM

Location: Online and at the Bath Church (3980 W Bath Rd, Akron)

Required Texts:

  • Hosea: A Commentary – The Old Testament Library, May, James Luther, 1969 (Philadelphia: Westminster/John Knox Press)
  • A modern English Study Bible (NRSV preferred). Good examples are the Harper Collins Study Bible, The New Interpreters Study Bible, The Oxford Annotated Study Bible, etc.